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In today’s online world, how do we connect with our local parish? Many of us are used to internet mediated relationships, especially after enduring lockdowns. Everyone desires belonging. Conexa meets you where you are and connects your local parish to you.

Conexa is a reimagining of online parish communities. It is a combined website and smartphone application that connect people to their parish and each other in fun and unexpected ways.

Key Features

Conexa allows each parish their own unique webpage. This is an opportunity for local churches to put forth important information for visitors and connect with individuals.

Users can connect with each other and pray together. Conexa offers video calling and interactive prayer guides that sync with prayers said over a distance. Conexa have compiled a fantastic library of prayer resources and meditations!

Conexa makes it easier for church leaders and volunteers! Leaders can seamlessly manage rosters, availability, volunteers and events when you login to the members area of your local parish.

Conexa is all about being local.

Globalization and the Internet have already connected us with others around the world, but what about our neighbors? One of Conexa’s core values is to connect people to their local communities and empower churches to service their own neighbors.

So why exist online?

The web is the new mission field. Since the lockdowns of the coronavirus pandemic, many church goers have been accessing online resources in place of church. So much of day to day communication happens over the Internet. Even before the pandemic, the online world was a place of abundance, offering many free resources and facilitating relationships over large distances.

Conexa believes in empowering every community, and helps users to find their parish and participate in local church! Let’s build up the body of Christ in our own cities!

Conexa isn’t just another social media platform for Catholics.

Conexa is designed to foster local community and includes many functions that typical social media apps can’t offer. Here are some examples:

Instead of hosting a ‘watch party’, why not start a ‘Prayer Party’ with Conexa’s interactive prayer guides that sync with your video calls! Praying together will foster deeper connection and solidarity. Conexa makes this convenient and accessible, so that you can talk to God even when you have a busy schedule, or just don’t know where to start with prayer.

Want to learn about the statues and icons you see at church? Conexa offers an easy way to discover the truth and history of the church and the powerful witness of Saints and leaders! Whether it be an artwork, the stained glass, statues or objects, the significance and deeper meaning can be found simply by pointing your phone towards the object and reading through the results!

Conexa offers a safe platform to learn about your faith, connect with the community and have fun.

For Our Leaders and Volunteers

Conexa is your best friend when it comes to coordinating events, rosters and volunteers. Easily assign roles to users and create rosters that suit everyone.

Conexa seeks to unburden the priests and bishops by streamlining tedious tasks such as building rosters, notifying volunteers, coordinating logistics. There are automatic rostering functions that account for availabilities and preferences to help you get started.

As a user, you can input availability, access rosters and volunteer for unfilled positions. Conexa can integrate shifts into your calendar and send important reminders!

Jesus taught us to be servants of one another. Conexa makes it’s easier than ever for you to find ways to contribute to the church community!

The Challenge.

Only God is perfect. There are limitations and challenges for any new project. Conexa is no different.

Conexa must collect information from parishes and users to operate. If there is a security breach, some information may be accessed without authorisation. To address this, Conexa will prioritize powerful protection of information during software development to ensure users’ privacy is maintained.

Another challenge is to build the user base. This will require the support of church leaders and parishioners. If there are no users, there is no network. A good gauge of support will be how many church leaders and parishioners pledge funds towards Conexa’s development. If people are willing to put their money into it, we can assume they believe in the vision and want to participate.

What can you do?

Please pray for us!

“Prayer is the best weapon we have; it is the key to God’s heart.”

Padre Pio

We can do nothing without God’s help.

And if you feel moved to, we would graciously accept any financial assistance you’d like to offer.

Lastly, spread the word! Share this project with your local parish priest, or in your small group.