Bloom Unveiled

For the past few years, I have worked as an assistant content creator for OneHope Baptist Church. This video is from a series of interviews discussing topics that are important to the women of the church in the hope of encouraging them during Lockdown.

I worked closely with the leaders of the women’s ministry and my supervisor to produce this series. My main contributions were in shooting and post-production. I managed the edit and distribution. I was the camera operator and assisted with set up with input from my supervisor and set designers.

I would have loved if I had multiple shots to work with, mid shots of the guests for example, but we did not have the equipment to set up a multi-cam shoot at this point in time. However, this was distributed as a podcast which meant a large portion of the audience did not view it.

PDRM Online Course

I worked with Chris Piper to develop instructional videos for his online course. He wanted a video for each of his 5 modules and one overview video.

I suggested we also film a promotional video for social media to help advertise his course. This is that video. As you may notice, I optimized it for social media by using a square aspect ratio and including captions. I helped him develop a succinct script and kept it within 30 seconds.

OneHope Kids

In my work at OneHope Baptist Church, I produced videos for the children’s ministry for the duration of the lockdown. I worked together with the OneHope Kids leaders and under the guidance of my supervisor.

This was a good challenge, as children’s content was not an area I had much experience in. Over the last couple of years of lockdown, I have significantly extended my skills in the area of children’s content, learning to experiment with fun graphics and special effects (we even bought a green screen and used it for an entire season!). Standard editing conventions did not apply for this project! We all had the opportunity to be a little creative and spontaneous, from the kids leaders with their scripts, to myself in the editing room!

You’ll notice in this episode the flag at 00:51. It was actually a creative solution I came up with to solve the problem of Sally’s arm extending beyond the green screen. It turned out to be a great addition to the Space Theme!